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After working on anywhere from the basic one unit start up, all the way to the largest trucking companies in the country, we have seen a trend that we could not ignore any longer. The industry has a hole, a gap if you would say between the broker or agent and the insured. A gap that seems to be very important to the success of this industry. As rates skyrocket, this gap has only created an even worse effect. The insured takes hours gathering up info to send it to someone who called in asking to work on the marketing of insurance this year. The trucking company then sends off their info, into the almost unknown expecting to get this number back from them that is better than they have now. No research into whats actually happening, only gathered info that we don’t even look too closely into. Even when we look very closely into it, we don’t know how to use what info we have to better position ourselves. Well, that ends today. The only way we are going to be able to get back in control and take charge is to become well educated and find the best way to market ourselves and our companies. That is our goal here at HowToShopUs.com. Show you what happens behind the scenes. To get you into the mind of the underwriter to position yourself ahead of the curve. Gain traction and add more to the bottom line. We welcome any suggested or wanted topics of interest that we can add to the site.

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